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"Once in a while, on what appears to be an ordinary day, one can experience something or meet someone who will make a difference in one’s life or have a substantial influence or impact. This happened to me when I re-joined the gym in May 2006 on my return from having worked and lived in the UK.

I walked into an aerobics class at a gym in Fourways and participated in a class which Linda Vorster was teaching and after about ten min. I realized that this instructor is a truly gifted person in teaching aerobics, enjoyed what she was doing and exerted such enthusiasm that we exercised with vigor, shared laughs and was having much fun being there for an hour. Subsequently I have had the pleasure of attending what would by now be close to 200 classes conducted by Linda, all of which I enjoyed and benefited from.

I have also been privileged in that I have gotten to know Linda a lot better and I find her enthusiasm and expertise in terms of exercise and nutrition truly inspirational and her general positive approach to life, family and religion a great example of what one should be striving for. " - Elmarie Kanounnikov



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