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Private Pilates

Start with two private sessions to get started.

Contact Linda to arrange a time that suits you.

R350  per 60 min session

CONTACT:   Linda 082 4109 443


Benefits of Pilates

1. Relaxation - One of the most important skills is to work without undue tension. By relaxing the body before each exercise and by focusing your attention on the relevant area, you will be able to adjust yourself into the correct position, and perform the movements without over tensing. There is a difference, however, between relaxing and “letting go” completely. The secret lies in the right combination of relaxation and concentration.

2. Concentration – It’s the mind itself which builds the body. A movement begins in the brain. Unconsciously, we visualize a movement and then the nervous system chooses the muscle co-ordination to carry out the task. Being able to focus the mind on what each part of the body is doing all the time is quite an achievement.

3. Co-ordination – When you begin the exercises, you will discover that your body has a mind of its own. You will gradually gain more control. Co-ordination is a skill that can be learned.

4. Alignment –If one part of the body is out of alignment the whole posture is altered. Over-dominance by one muscle in a movement means that the others work less. Muscles can also become too tight or too stretched. Either way, the system is upset and it becomes a matter of time before pain set in. Bad alignment in the body can be corrected with a conditioning program.

5. Breathing – Breathing fully gets your blood pumping and carries away waste products which are related to fatigue. For blood to do its work it has to be fully charged with oxygen. Your overall health relies on the efficiency of your breathing

6. Flowing movements- “The maintenance of uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of easily performing our many daily tasks with zest and pleasure”

7. Centering – The creation of a strong centre is the starting point of each exercise. The core (abdominal) muscles act as a support for the spine and your internal organs. Whether sitting, lying or standing we aim to improve the endurance of the core muscles.

8. Stamina – We aim to build the endurance of the core postural muscles. The postural core muscles need stamina and endurance.


With the right information and determination, you will lose the weight for good and keep it off.

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