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Frequently asked questions

Q What is Pilates?
A Pilates is a series of exercises that strengthens your core muscles, increases balance and flexibility and improves your posture.
Q Do I have to be fit to do Pilates?
A The exercises can be modified for beginners and advanced people. No matter what your fitness and strength level you will be able to enjoy Pilates.
Q What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?
A Although both focus on the same type of goals (strength, flexibility, posture), they use different techniques. While yoga stretches more and hold a position for a longer amount of time, Pilates is more strengthening and movement and focuses specifically on core strength.
Q How long will it take for me to see results?
A Although most people feel a difference in their muscles and body after only a few sessions, this all depends on the effort you making during classes. If you make a conscious decision to perform all exercises to the best of your ability, you will feel the difference very quickly.
Q What should I wear to Pilates classes?

Comfortable clothes that’s easy to move in.

Remember that it is always best to start with 3 one on one sessions before you join a Pilates group class. Read about the different classes offered at the Linda studio in Capri village and choose a class that will give you the results you want!




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