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TONING Pilates

Toning Pilates/Body Conditioning is a bit faster than Pilates and incorporates all the main muscle groups. If you like working up a real sweat then this is for you. We do exercises using own body weight, dumbbells, mat work doing lots of bum and tummy, circuit training, and much more to tone the whole body. Expected results include weight/centimeter loss, increase in strength, endurance and energy, better posture, a toned body.

Benefits of Body Conditioning:

  • Weight loss/cm loss
  • Increase in muscle weight
  • Toned body
  • Fitness
  • core strength
  • Strength

Find out more about our Body conditioning in her studio in 24 Tobago way, Capri village, Fish hoek.
Phone Linda 082 4109 443

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Linda 0824109443

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