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Pilates Exercise Equipment

Pilates has become an extremely popular form of exercise over the past decade, with Pilates studios popping up all over the world. Pilates is arguably the best exercise for strengthening and developing balance within the mid-section of the body. But what is the low down on all the Pilates equipment that you can get?

Pilates can be performed without any complicated equipment, although certain Pilates items can make the exercises more comfortable and others can challenge  you to get more out of the exercises.

Here’s a brief description of some Pilates equipment that you get:

Foam roller

Is used to massage tight muscles by rolling on it.  It is also used for a lot of  balancing exercises by lying on it or putting your feet on it...force you to activate those core muscles.......

Pilates Ball

Don’t assume that a Pilates ball will make the exercises easier – the added benefit  is that one is forced to control your balance and use your core muscles while doing the exercises.

Pilates soft balls

The soft ball allows the participant to work the core with very focused movements. By lying on it or putting one foot on it, it throws you of balance and activate those core muscles...

Magic circle

This is a ring that adds extra resistance to some exercises...

Pilates is a fun, relaxing way to exercise and the best part is that it gives you amazing results. Why not book a Pilates class at the Linda 's studio  The first class is free! So come and see what Pilates can do for you!


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